Scuba Diving in Tenerife

People have been dreaming about the underwater World for hundreds of years, but the chance of true unity with it was brought to them in the 20th century by a man named Jacques Cousteau who invented scuba diving.

Since then, scuba diving has become increasingly popular all over the World.

That is why more and more people want to know the richness and beauty of this other World as:

  • there is no other area of ​​human activity that would be able to offer similar diversity as scuba diving;
  • you will never make two identical dives, and the choice of opportunities ahead is unlimited;
  • underwater, you can find adventure, peace, beauty, relaxation, adrenaline, friendship and challenge.
We are absolutely sure that when you make your first step towards scuba diving adventure, will find your passion and you will fall in love with this beautiful journey as we did!

And don’t worry - despite all the appearances it is very easy to start a scuba diving path.

All you need is a bit of enthusiasm and you can join your scuba diving journey straight away!
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But that is not all! Tenerife offers a splendour underwater sensation for every scuba diving junkie in a variety editions depending of what you like. You can experience here:

  • gorgeous rock formations,
  • diving with rays, turtles or fish,
  • wrecks,
  • cave rays in the form of the brain cave.


We provide you with a safe and free of charge shuttle service from and to the place of your stay and to all dive spots.


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